The Trench Coat

Chapter 1
What’s in an icon?

An everyday icon, refined over more than a century. Learn how the enduringly versatile trench is made, and meet our effortless and super-light new fabric tropical gabardine.

At the Burberry textile mill near Keighley, England, traditional and modern techniques combine to create our signature gabardine. Cotton fibres are chosen for length and fineness before being coloured and spun into super-strong yarn.

Our trench coats are made in Castleford, England, using over 100 individual processes. The most intricate of these is the crafting of the collar, which takes more than 180 stitches to create a fluid curve so that it sits perfectly on the neck.

The cuff straps and belt are stitched to keep their edges clean and flat, while the iconic check lining is carefully cut and placed to ensure it is symmetrical.

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The famous check lining features a palette of camel, ivory, red and black.

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Sketch Print Tropical Gabardine Car Coat

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Tropical gabardine is an even lighter-weight alternative to our weatherproof cotton. Woven with gossamer threads at the Burberry mill, it shares many of the same techniques used to make the famous gabardine fabric. The cotton fibres used to create tropical gabardine are even finer, without compromising on durability. In order to form its soft iridescent palette, contrasting yarns are woven together, before the cloth is tumbled to create its suppleness, volume and easy-on appeal.

The tight twill structure prevents wind and rain from permeating the fabric.

The tight twill structure prevents wind and rain from permeating the fabric.

Chapter 2
It’s in the details

Developed for the military, popularised on Civvy Street – every detail of the iconic coat’s design serves a purpose, contributing to its unmistakable silhouette.

Our signature honey-coloured gabardine up close.

Classic fit

The Kensington – Mid-length Trench Coat

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The epaulettes originally displayed the rank of an officer, while the gun flap afforded the wearer extra protection on the front line.

Then – as now – our cotton gabardine keeps out the elements, with a storm shield across the shoulders allowing rainwater to run cleanly off the body. The coat’s silhouette is enhanced by a signature belt with D-ring loops.

Finishing touches include a back pleat or vent, and our famous check lining. A badge of origin since at least the 1920s, our check adorns the lining and undercollar for a subtle flash of our heritage.

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Chapter 3
Made in England

The story of the trench begins in Yorkshire, England, where our signature cotton gabardine is woven before the coat itself takes shape. More than 40 looms, years of training and over 100 individual processes go into its creation.