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    Burberry x Gen.G

    NetWORK: Inspire

    Through a new four-part video series, Burberry and global esports organisation Gen.G come together to champion women and the importance of inclusivity in the gaming industry as part of Gen.G’s NetWork: Inspire programme.

    Gen. G
    Gen G Episode 2


    Three Women

    Join our host Emily Mei and an assembly of panellists across the worlds of gaming, music, content creation and fashion as they discuss the challenges and opportunities for underrepresented women in esports and beyond.

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    Episode Two: The I In Imagination

    For our second episode, host Emily Mei discusses creativity with Valorant player and content creator Jessica Kim, singer and Twitch streamer Stephanie Poetri and Burberry’s Senior Manager of Computer Aided Design, Lucy Goodyear.

    The power creativity holds within us all is unmatched – especially online – but as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Our panel explores how we can use creativity as a force for good by championing inspirational women, encouraging self-expression and using it to outweigh the negative effects of stereotypes.

    ‘It’s super important to be able to define yourself however you want to define yourself.’

    Stephanie Poetri

    Girl on left

    Girl on right

    ‘Gen G provided me back-up support. I felt a bit stronger after I joined them because of how many powerful women there are. It gave me hope for the gaming industry.’

    Jessica Kim

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    Episode One: My Platform Is My Power

    Gamer, content creator and host Emily Mei is joined by esports entrepreneur and founder of Enlight Eunice Chen, streamer and cosplayer Krystalogy and Burberry’s Vice President of Brand Protection Melissa Roth Mendez.

    From being a force for change – big or small – to dealing with toxic online environments, our panel unpacks the idea that platforms have unmatched power in creating real change for the future, all the while posing the question: who are the women championing change in the industry, and more importantly – could it already be you?
    Gen G Video


    ‘My excitement with working on Enlight is using that platform to create change in other people’s lives... I have been able to help people get tangible jobs in the industry, in roles that they never imagined they could be in.’

    Eunice Chen, founder of Enlight

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    My platform is my power
    My platform is my power
    My platform is my power
    My platform is my power
    My platform is my power
    Episode oneMy platform is my power

    ‘To have a network of support around you to catch you when you fall... is really special and really important.’

    Melissa Roth Mendez, Vice President of Brand Protection at Burberry

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